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Course Overview

This is an opportunity for you to be able to learn more about genes, our environment and how to confidentially deliver reports to your clients. smartDNA offers two options in relation to learning about genomic testing.

Option 1

Registered Practitioners are able to sign up as smart member and complete the online training course which is comprised of a series of power point presentations covering each area of the Genomic Wellness report. Each gene is reviewed in this section of the program providing an in depth knowledge the gene, its function and the effect that the polymorphism has in relation to health. Overall this training will provide practitioners with the necessary resources to deliver genomic-based personalised health and targeted nutrition programs to your patients using smartDNA profiling.

Option 2

Once you have completed your online component to become a certified smart Practitioner you will complete an examination with Dr Margie Smith. This process is a series of report reviews and clinical histories which you will present to Dr Margie Smith. This process is powerful and Margie will give you helpful advice along the way so that you get the most out of interpreting these reports and assisting your patients. As a certified smart practitioner you can then elect to be promoted on the smartDNA website.