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Attention ALL Practitioners!!!
The PULS Cardiac Test is COMING SOON

A Simple Blood Test that Detects the Leading Cause of Heart Attacks:
Unstable Cardiac Lesion Rupture

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Practitioner Patient

Gene Genius

Dr. Margaret Smith has written an easy to understand book about Nutritional Genomics.

Gene Genius

Our book is aimed at the general public however it will be a great Practitioner Resource Tool!

Find out more – Available in Paperback and Audio Book.

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Microbiome Webinar Series

The Microbiome is a HOT topic at the moment. Since 2014 smartDNA has been providing a smartGUT Microbiome Test to Registered Health Practitioners. This webinar series is an opportunity to learn more about the microbiome in relation to health, disease and nutritional impacts. Dr. Margie Smith and Dr. Rhona Creegan present the latest clinically relevant microbiome information.

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and listen at your convenience.

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PULS Cardiac Test


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